We are a hunting club with members from a variety of ethnic backgrounds who realize that there is a tremendous absence of African-Americans in the hunting sports and have joined us in our efforts to close this diversity gap. 


Wolves are skilled hunters, renowned for being among Nature's top predators. While most wolves share a common color, a black wolf is a rarity among its hunting brothers.   

Day at the Range (2012)

Holt Collier

Holt Collier was a former slave, Confederate soldier, expert marksman, and famous Bear Hunter. He killed over 2000 black bears during his lifetime. Mr. Collier was chosen to guide President Roosevelt on his 1902 Mississippi bear hunt. 

Steff ,"The Huntress" 

By becoming a member of Black Wolf Hunting Club, you are helping make a difference and will join a network of ethical hunters and outdoorsmen who are committed to increasing the number of hunters within the African American community and ensuring that the our hunting heritage lives on.  The sport of hunting is on the decline compared to a decade ago and it is important for us to do our part as hunters to keep the sport alive.  Fewer and fewer hunters are taking to the field and the number of hunting licenses sold tells the story.  According to a study conducted by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service, African American hunters make up less than 2% of all hunters in the entire nation.  Despite the fact that many of us come from strong hunting backgrounds, some of us have abandoned our heritage and hunting skills that have been passed down by past generations. Some have abandoned hunting and the outdoors in pursuit of a more "luxurious" or "cool" lifestyle.  But we  at Black Wolf Hunting Club embrace the idea of being "country", self-reliant, and in being able to provide for ourselves and our families with what nature provides.


As a non-profit hunting club we are passionate about conserving and building hunting habitat.  We believe that getting people involved in hunting and the outdoors begins with education.  There are literally thousands of African- Americans youth and adults that are waiting to be introduced to hunting and the outdoors. We have committed ourselves to introducing hunting to them.  

At Black Wolf Hunting Club, we host group hunting and fishing trips throughout the year as well as events to promote hunting and the outdoors to all.  We are actively involved in marksmanship, tracking, archery, skinning and processing of fish and game, fishing, boating, and hunter education.  We are ethical hunters and outdoorsmen who are actively involved in the conservation of wildlife habitat. 

Why do we charge a membership fee and where does the money go?  It's simple, we believe that actions speak louder than words. We understand that there is strength in numbers and that the only way to be taken seriously as hunters is to show the industry that "yes" African Americans do hunt, and that despite what the numbers show, it is worthwhile to invest in the African- American hunting market.  We estimate that African-Americans spend over $500,000 a year on hunting gear and hunting related products. We host yearly outdoor events, shooting events, and are active in promoting our club at both the State and National level.   JOIN NOW to help us in achieving our mission and to reach and educate those that are waiting and wanted to get started in hunting and the outdoors.  By having a paid- membership based club, we are able to take a more direct approach towards promoting our organization on a larger scale and increasing the number of African- American hunters and participants in the outdoor sports. We are "Hunting for the next Generation of Hunters".       

The mission of Black Wolf Hunting Club is to promote the sport of hunting to the African-American community and to increase representation of African-Americans in the outdoors.  

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