Alpha Wolves

"Any Game, Any Time, Any Condition"

Not for the timid or weak....Alpha Wolves are a special group of hunters within Black Wolf Hunting Club. This group is made up of the most fearless, diehard, and knowledgeable of hunters. Alpha Wolves have undergone several mentally and physically challenging tests to show that they are the real deal-true hunters at the top of their pack.  While it is perfectly okay to be an average hunter and hunt under normal conditions, Alpha Wolves go a step beyond "average hunters" and thrive under the most extreme conditions. This group isn't for the weak or timid. An Alpha Wolf lives by the motto of "Any Game, Any Time, Any Condition".

Qualification tests such as hunting in extreme cold or heat, killing game with primitive or simple weapons, being knowledgeable of game tracks and signs, marksmanship, cross country navigation (day and night ) in snake infested areas, and distance walks must be mastered. Alpha Wolves are absolutely fearless and must be both mentally and physically tough. Some hunters look for excuses not to hunt while Alpha Wolves look for the opportunity TO hunt. Whether it is18 degrees below zero or 118 degrees above zero, we live for the hunt, day or night.  

Aside from hunting, Alpha Wolves must be committed to promoting the club's mission regardless of the circumstances. There may be times when the courage, tenacity, and determination of an Alpha Wolf is needed in order to further the club's efforts. Finally, when someone sees a person with the Alpha Wolf patch, they will know that they are looking at a different breed of hunter. We are the example for young hunters to follow as we have no limitations, no fear, and a sincere love for the sport of hunting. 

If you're interested in earning your place among this elite group of hunters contact us.