Upcoming Events

 January 8-10, 2016

TX Youth Deer and Hog hunt - Completed. Huge Success!!!!!


 February 20th 2016

                                                             Members Only Pheasant Hunt  Completed. Shot 13 pheasants!

New Jersey

 May 2016

Deep Sea Fishing Trip



More events for 2016 are currently being planned and will be updated soon! 


September 2016

Duck Hunt


October 2016

Hog Hunt


November  2016

Upland Bird Hunt


December 2016

Duck Hunt


 January 2016

                                                                       Youth Hog and Deer Hunt




















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Black Wolf Hunting Club hosts hunting and fishing trips as well as outdoor sporting events throughout the year to many destinations across the U.S.  Our hunts vary from simple squirrel hunts to adrenaline pumping hogs hunts or trips to Alaska, our Last Frontier.  Our fishing trips may be as simple as sitting along a river catching bluegill or traveling 70 miles out to sea in search of tuna, kingfish, snapper or grouper. ‚Äč

                        Feb 20th 2016 New Jersey pheasant hunt