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did you know that...


  • Hunting is perhaps the first integrated sport
  • Holt Collier is the most famous, yet most forgotten of all African- American hunters
  • Children who are involved in hunting are LESS likely to be involved in incidents involving firearms
  • Wild game is healthier for you and free of hormones and chemicals than "farm raised" mea
  • African- Americans make up less that 2% of hunters in America
  • Hunting is an excellent way to be self-reliant and to connect with nature
  • People who hunt are much more likely to introduce others to hunting


Member benefits

  • "Members Only" invitations to hunting and fishing trips throughout the year
  • Membership card that entitles you to 10% discount on all club events
  • Free blaze orange Black Wolf Hunting Club cap
  • Access to hunt in multiple states with fellow BWHC members
  • Black Wolf Hunting Club bumper sticker

** Hat and Bumper sticker may take 4 weeks for delivery  

According to a recent study, African Americans make up less than 2% of hunters in America. This is astonishing considering that many of us come from strong hunting backgrounds. What's more astonishing is that interest in our club has been phenomenal by new and beginning hunters.  By becoming a member of Black Wolf Hunting Club you are instantly connected to a family and network of hunters across the nation who all seek to increase the number of African- American hunters and to teach you about hunting, firearms, and the outdoors.  Your membership dues will allow us to continue recruiting more hunters for the sport and will allow us to have a voice within the hunting industry. 

Your yearly individual membership dues of $60 will  also help our club reach and connect with those future hunters and outdoorswomen who are eager to learn about the rewarding sport of hunting.  As a member, you  will be kept up to date on the latest news involving African - Americans and hunting, regulation updates, conservation issues, and other hunting and outdoor news. 100% of your dues and donations go directly towards achieving the club's mission, covering operating costs,  and you can feel good knowing that you are helping to close the diversity gap in the outdoors and are supporting  an organization that is truly committed to our  mission.